The authenticity of your baseball. Every one of my Great American Baseballs is an original, one of a kind piece of artwork.

You can be sure that when you invest in one of my hand painted baseballs that you are getting an original, painted by me. There will never be another exactly like yours, ever.

You will receive a certificate of authenticity with each hand painted baseball.

The certificate will have the name of the player on your baseball. It will also list the series number which is always "1 of 1". This is because each hand painted baseball is an original. One in a series of only one.

The certificate will also have the date that I completed your baseball and the date you purchased it.

I will personally hand sign and date each certificate of authenticity.

This certificate will be mailed to you separately from your baseball in a flat, cardboard, "photo mailer".

I guarantee the authenticity of my hand painted baseballs. There wil never be two exactly the same.


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