Babe Ruth Videos

I gathered these Babe Ruth videos from around the internet. I found some very old and really cool film clips for you.

Ruth finished with 715 home runs which places him third all time behind Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds. He is first in slugging percentage and second all time in on base percenatge and runs batted in.

Babe Ruth was a real attention seeker as you'll see from these video clips. Seems like he was always in front of the camera. He was probably the biggest celebrity of his time.

He was called The Sultan of Swat and the Bambino. He was the Babe. Maybe the greatest baseball player of them all.

Babe Ruth's 60th Home Run

Babe Ruth vs Walter Johnson - 1942 Benefit Game Newsreel

Babe Ruth Says Farewell

Babe Ruth Day/Funeral-1947

Babe Ruth-A Short History

Babe Ruth-Did He Call The Shot

Babe Ruth's Arithmetic

Babe Ruth Sings

Babe Ruth Sports 1950

Babe Ruth's Grave Site

Babe Ruth In The Movies Again-The Called Shot

Babe Ruth-King Of Em All

Babe Ruth Plays Santa Claus



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