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October 11, 2009: Steve, Emmaus, PA

I'll start this off by telling you what I think. We are currently in the middle of the Major League Division Series'.

I am interested in all the games, but living close to Philadelphia, I am particularly interested in the Phillies/Rockies series.

Now, keep in mind that baseball commissioner Bud Selig is always saying that fan interest is important to him. So, I didn't really have a problem with the first two games of the Phillies/Rockies series starting at 2:30 pm eastern time. But then they scheduled games three and four, which were to be played in Colorado, for 9:30 pm eastern time. Now that I had a problem with.

Then on October 10, game two in Colorado was postponed because of snow. So what do they do? They re-schedule game three for Sunday night at 10:00 pm eastern time! Now, first of all, you would think they would play during the day when it's a little warmer in Colorado. Plus the fact that most Phillies fans have little or no chance of watching the entire game. Most of us work Monday and can't stay up until 1:00 am.

Maybe Mr. Selig should say what he really means. Television and money is more important than fan interest.

Last night on the MLB channel, Dan Pleasac said he isn't in favor of instant replay in baseball because it lengthens the game for the fans. Well, who's watching at midnight anyway?


Baseball Opinion

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