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Tom Brady Regulation Sized Football

Legends Hand Painted Footballs.

Just like my hand painted baseballs, each football is a one of a kind piece of art work. Choose one below or order any player you want.

You pay nothing until your football is completed.

Nine Inch Mini Football: $250.00

Regulation (Full Sized) Football: $275.00

Take Up To Six Months To Pay

The price includes the hand painted football, round plastic holder and Free Shipping anywhere within the Continental United States.

(Add $15.00 for International Shipping. This includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico)

Order Your Football Today!

Notice that most of my footballs below have only one "panel" painted. From now on, all my footballs (9 inch and full sized) will have two panels painted like the full sized Tom Brady Football. So, you get twice as much for the price.

I start with a blank football. Both front panels are smooth which makes painting easier. The two back panels look and feel like a real football.

No one else will have one just like yours.

I'll be adding footballs to this page as I finish them.

My footballs sell quickly so if you see one you like, grab it while it's still available.

If you see one of my footballs below that you want but it's SOLD, Let Me Know. I'll paint a similar football for you.

I'm currently working on a, Aaron Rodgers 9 inch football. It will be here soon.

Contact Me with any requests or suggestions for a Legends Hand Painted Football.

Joe Montana 9 Inch Football(AVAILABLE)

Tom Brady Full Sized Football(SOLD)

Dan Marino Full Sized Football(SOLD)

Superbowl 50 Full Sized Football(SOLD)

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