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*Vin Scully

Sixty Seven years behind the microphone with the Dodgers.

*Strike Outs

Let's look at some strikeout records and why they are on the rise.

*Who Is The All Time Hit King?

Pete Rose or Ichiro?

*Kids Not Playing Baseball

Little League and youth baseball is declining.

*Front Knee Cocked

Cocking your front knee before your stride keeps everything in a powerful hitting position.

*Wrist Hitting

Let's look at the correct way to use your wrists during your swing.

*Men's Senior Baseball League

If you are 45 years old or older and would love to play baseball again, check this out!

*Rotational Hitting vs Linear Hitting

What's the difference and which is better?

*They Died Too Young

Players that left us much too soon.

*The Only Walk Off, Inside The Park Grandslam In Baseball History!

July 25, 1956.

*Long Term Contracts

When will the owners learn?

*Baseball Tirades

Listen To And Watch Some Of My Favorite Baseball Tirades, Meltdowns And Arguments. These are great!

*Chuck Connors

From Brooklyn Dodgers To The Rifleman

*Alex Rodriguez

Should we now embrace A Rod Dispite The PEDs?


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*Baseball Unique

Here are few things that make Baseball unique compared to other sports.

*Rocky Mount Phillies

In 1975 I played for the Rocky Mount Phillies in the minor leagues. Here's a great article about our championship team and me.

*Dan Baker

The public address voice of the Phillies for 40 years!

*Yes, Roberto Clemente Really Did Have Excellent Power

A great Article about The Great Roberto Clemente.


Collecting Hand Painted baseballs of famous baseball players is quickly becoming a favorite among baseball memorabilia collectors.

*Baseball Swing

See some of my interpretations of some famous hitters.

*Baseball Legends

Learn about some very famous baseball legends.

*Hitch In Your Swing

To hitch or not to hitch, that is the question.

*Best Player 1950s

Based on the numbers, who was the best player during the decade of the 1950s?

*Best Player 1960s

Based on the numbers, who was the best player during the decade of the 1960s?

*Dallas Green

The Dallas Green I Remember.

*Great Old Teams

Why are the great old teams not so great anymore?

*Become A Better Hitter

Two surefire ways to improve your hitting.

*Steroid Use

Should players that used steroids be in the Hall of Fame?

*Clock In Baseball

Do we need a play clock in baseball?

*World Series Rings

Take a look at how World Series rings have evolved over the years. Wow!

*Baseball Lingo

No other sport has it's own language like baseball does.

*Latin Hall Of Famers

There are only seven Latin born Hall Of Famers.

*The Greatest Hitter Of All Time

A look at some of Baseball's best and who might be the greatest.

*The Pitch Count

When Will It End!

*Citizens Bank Park

A look at the Philadelphia Phillies new ball park.

*Little League Coaches

Some great tips and strategies for coaching your Little League team.

*Baseball Videos

Enjoy some short baseball video clips of famous baseball players.

*Baseball Hitting Drills

Check out some in-expensive baseball hitting drills you can do on your own that will dramatically improve your hitting skills.

*Pirates Baseball

Here's a little history about the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball club.

*Famous Home Runs

Here's my list of the top 35 home runs of all time. You can watch most of them here, too.

*Why The Hall Not?

Let's take a look at some players that should be in Baseball's Hall of Fame and why.

*Chase Utley

Philadelphia Phillies All Star second baseman.

*Voices Of Baseball

Radio vs TV. Remember those great broadcasters that seemed to be there forever?.

*Harry Caray

Colorful and wildly popular broadcaster for the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs.

*Great Moments In Baseball

Some moments in baseball that seem to stand out from the rest.

*Free Agency

Here's a look at how the whole Free Agency thing got started.

*Retired Numbers

A history and list of Major League Baseball retired uniform numbers.

*Baseball Team Names

Do you know who the Highlanders, the Alleghenies and the Bridegrooms were. Find out who these teams became and more.

*Obsessed With Baseball

How to tell if you have an obsession with baseball

*Famous Baseball Sayings

Some of the funniest and most interesting things Major Leaguers have said.

*Baseball Nicknames

An extensive list of Baseball Nicknames past and present.

*The Cy Young Award

Some facts about the Cy Young Award that you might not have known.

*Old Ball Parks

A fascinating look back at some old ball parks that are now just memories.

*Hitting .400

Let's take a look at why no batter has hit .400 since 1941.

*History Of The Baseball Bat

From the big, flat sided bat to the sleak models of today. A history of the bat.

*Baseball Display Cases

Keep your Great American Baseball clean and protected with a quality display case.

*Who Invented Baseball?

We're going to take a look back at how baseball got started and just who had the most to do with it.

*Baseball Memorabilia

A look at the history of baseball memorabilia and just exactly what memorabilia is.

*Baseball Salaries

Baseball salaries and payrolls have definitely changed over the years. See how the changes have affected the game.

*Baseball Facts

Some interesting baseball facts that you may not have known.

*Abner Doubleday

The man we always believed invented baseball actually had very little to do with the game.


A discussion about how to get Major League autographs by mail.

*Backyard Baseball

How we played the game when we were kids.

*Hot Dogs

A history of our all time favorite ball park snack.

*Baseball Helmets

Find out how helmets made their way into baseball.

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