Falsehoods Of Hitting 3

Drive The Knob Of The Bat To The Ball:

I’ve heard this suggestion too. And I think it’s wrong.

I recently saw an article promoting the theory of driving the bat knob to the ball. They used Barry Bonds as an example. However, if you watch Bonds’ swing in slow motion you will see that he is not doing that.

When you drive the knob to the ball, the barrel of the bat stays above your hands at contact. Bonds appears to be driving the knob to the ball. But this is just the start of his swing.

Let’s look at Bonds’ swing a milli-second later. The knob isn’t driving to the ball. It’s turning up as the barrel comes around him. So Bonds is NOT driving the knob to the ball. He is in the process of turning the knob up.

As Bonds brings the bat head around him the barrel drops below his hands. A slightly upward swing. Now it will stay on plane with the ball much longer.

His eyes are on the ball and he is creating bat speed behind him. You can't do any of this if you swing down.

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