My Dad

In June, 2008, my Dad went to be with the Lord. My Dad was the kindest, most loving, most patient person I ever knew.

As a kid growing up, my Dad always had time for us. No matter what it was, he would drop what he was doing to help.

As I grew up, he never changed. If there was a leaky pipe in my basement or anything else that needed fixing, he was there.

My Dad taught me how to hunt and fish and how to shoot a rifle. How to hit a baseball, change the oil in my car, and solder a copper pipe. How to drive and how to ride a bike.

He showed me the way to field dress and skin a deer, the proper way to fry trout and deer loin and how to tie a hook onto a fishing line.

He also taught us a work ethic that made me successful as a family provider, a baseball player, a taxidermist and an artist.

My Dad had two passions in his life. His family and hunting. And his love and knowledge of guns is almost legendary. But hunting is what he loved to do. He could sit for hours on end on "his stand".

He would whittle sticks and pass the time enjoying his time in God's wilderness.

To him, killing a deer was great, but it was secondary to spending time with his sons, grandsons and his hunting buddies.

Some of you knew my Dad and know the person he was. There wasn't anything he wouldn't take the time to do for anybody.

I really miss my Dad. So does the rest of my family.

My dad always said he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread around his deer hunting stand. So that's what we did. He's resting in the spot where he loved to be.

This deer season is going to be difficult without him. He always made our Sunday night supper. Sausage sandwiches with sauce, peppers and onions. He was always the first one up on opening morning of buck season and made sure everyone else had all they needed for the day's hunt.

This year, I'll be on my Dad's deer hunting stand. I know he'll be there rooting for me to get that big buck. I'll also be using the rifle he gave me when I was just a kid.

He was my teacher, my driving instructor, my little league baseball coach, my gun smith, my designated driver, my plumber, my mechanic, my hunting buddy and my friend.

I'd just like to add what I said at my Dad's funeral. And those of you who knew my Dad, will agree.

"My Dad had about him the touch of royalty. Some how, somewhere, for me, he should have been a king".

I wrote a "poem" about my Dad that I'd like to share with you. I'm not much of a poet, but here goes. I hope my Dad likes it.


I wanted to call you today and chat awhile.

Nothing important, just to say hi.

Then I remembered….,

There’s a tear in my eye.

So I called heaven and asked for you by name.

I said you just got there,

and I wanted to tell you about my ball game.

They told me you were there,

but busy right now.

I figured an angel needed help

and you’d know how.

I told them to ask God,

cause He knows who you are.

And if He could bend the rules just this once,

this call has come so far.

They went and asked God

and got back in a hurry.

They said you couldn’t come to the phone,

but that I shouldn’t worry.

He can hear all my words,

And I know that is true.

But I miss Him so much,

and my heart is so blue.

Then an angel got on,

And said please, please don’t cry.

Your Dad is right here,

Up here in the sky.

So sing him your song and he’ll hear every cord,

There’s plenty to do,

and your Dad will never be bored.

He said to tell you that he loves you so,

And don’t forget to mail your license for a doe!

He misses you all,

and hopes you’re ok.

Remember how he called you every New Year’s Day?

The Angels all love him,

like everyone did.

And Jesus said,

Charlie is one of my kids.

You can leave a message for your Dad,

So pour out your heart,

We’ll makes sure he gets it,

cause we know you’re apart.

Just listen for the beep,

and talk to your Dad.

Charlie will hear you,

like when you were a lad.

There’s so much to tell,

and so little time.

Luke loves his job, and is doing just fine.

He got a new car,

it’s really top of the line.

Paul started school,

he goes on the bus.

Khara said he likes it,

And T ball’s a must.

Robin loves you,

she thinks you’re the best.

She called me at work,

To tell me that you left on your quest.

Elyse is getting big,

and she’s cute as a bug.

A heart breaker for sure,

and she wants Pap’s hug.

Scott says hello,

Jarrod and Jeremy miss you too,

They said to say hi to Pap,

From the whole crew.

Mike and Kim bought a new house.

Robin and I drove by,

It’s really nice.

Wish you could see it,

we went by it twice.

Sue misses you too,

she sends her best.

She said we’ll see you again Pap, when they lay us to rest.

Mom is ok,

We’re helping her out.

Just know that we’re here for her,

that’s what family is all about.

The family is fine,

But we miss you so much.

We know you’re in heaven,

But please keep in touch.

I used up the tape, and they said I must go,

There’s just one more thing I want you to know.

I miss you Pop and that is for sure.

I’ve searched and searched,

there just is no cure.

So I’ll call you again,

when the time is just right.

We’ll talk about hunting,

like it was just the other night.

I hope I can get this number back,

it took me so long.

The fact that you're gone,

to me is just wrong.

I’m hanging up now,

I got things to do.

But it’s just not the same,

without you.

I love you Dad.


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