If you are one of the serious collectors of baseball memorabilia, please consider my hand painted baseballs.

My baseballs are one of a kind pieces of baseball memorabilia.

I've been doing work for several collectors for some time now.

As a collector, you can tell me exactly what you want on your hand painted baseballs. Maybe you have a series of baseballs in mind. Here are a few examples.

White Sox Retired Numbers Baseballs. This collector requested a series of hand painted baseballs with paintings of the White Sox players who have had their numbers retired.

I painted them with three different White Sox players on each baseball along with their numbers.

Another series of hand painted baseballs I've been working on is all of the players that have hit 500 or more home runs.

I did a series for a collector with the pitchers that have won 300 or more games.

"Team Greats" is another set of baseballs I did for a collector. The best players from a particular ball club on the same baseball.

Father/Son hand painted baseballs and the 3,000 hit club are another series. Famous base stealers, the greatest short stops, etc.

Any idea will work.

So if you are a collector and have an idea for a series of baseballs, just let me know and we can get it done.

As always, each ball comes with a certificate of authenticity and a free display case.

As a collector, you'll be interested in my hand painted baseball bats. I'm open to suggesstions for them too.

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