Hit Inside A Phone Booth

A while back I watched a You Tube video of an interview with Barry Bonds. The interviewer asked Bonds what the most important part of hitting is. Barry replied, “You have to be able to hit inside a phone booth.”

He didn’t really explain what he meant by that statement. So I began a study of Bonds’ swing and here’s what I discovered.

We’ll use my illustrations to show how Barry Bonds “hits inside a phone booth”.

Here is Bonds in his stance. The arrow shows where Barry's head starts. The blue represents a phone booth. Let’s look at how much Barry’s head moves away from that spot throughout his swing and if he stays inside the phone booth.

Here Bonds begins his “load”. By cocking his front knee a little it brings his weight onto his rear foot. His head hasn’t moved from the spot.

Barry begins his swing. His head has dropped some, but it didn't go front. He's still "inside the phone booth".

Bonds at contact. He takes his stride and the bat comes through, but his head hasn’t moved front. His weight, or his body, has not “drifted" forward.

After contact. His head and body still haven’t moved forward.

Bonds even stays inside the phone booth during his follow through.

So I think when Barry Bonds talks about swinging inside a phone booth, this is what he’s talking about. Obviously you can’t swing a bat in a phone booth. But I believe he is referring to where is body and head stay during the swing. His weight is not coming forward. His body and head stay basically at the same spot for his entire swing.

Barry's head and body never get out of that "phone booth".

My focus in practice and during game swings, now, is on two things. Stay Inside The Ball, and Hit Inside The Phone Booth.

Let Me Know What You Think.

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