Obsessed With Baseball

Here are a quick 20 things that might point to the fact that you are obsessed with Baseball.

You might be obsessed with baseball if:

1. You are still hanging on to your Joe Charboneau rookie card.

2. You know what a “Baltimore Chop” and a “Can of Corn” are.

3. When planning your vacation, you suggest Cincinnati, Houston or Kansas City.

4. You stay up until 1:00 am to watch the end of a World Series Game.

5. When your wife tells you that you're “setting the table” tonight, you think you're batting lead off!

6. You have astro turf installed in your basement.

7. You still have Brooklyn Dodger sheets on your bed.

8. You drink Ballantine beer.

9. You plunk down $4,000 to attend a fantasy camp!

10. Your umbrella looks like a bat.

11. You have your copy of the “Spalding Guide” next to your Bible.

12. You have a copy of baseball Digest next to the toilet.

13. You have a #1 Pirates Fan license plate.

14. Your wife wants to go to the “show” so you take her to a ball game.

15. If you think “cheese” is a high fastball.

16. When someone offers you a “cup of coffee’ and you think you’re going to the big leagues.

17. You have a bat in your vehicle.

18. If you have a ‘home plate” on your front porch.

19. You think Tommy Lasorda really has blue blood!

20. You use your Detroit Tiger beach towel after a shower.


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