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Baseball lingo is the best. "I'm in the three hole and got a baltimore chop through the box. My last AB I whiffed on some high cheese."

If you are a baseball aficionado, you most likely can understand the previous statement. If not, the english translation of this is ,"I'm batting third in the lineup and hit the ball in front of home plate. It took a high hop over the pitcher. My last at bat I struck out on a high fast ball."

Baseball lingo is in a league of it's own so to speak. No other sport has it's own language that mean things to players and fans.

"Their cleanup guy smoked a pea off the fence of that band box park. He really got it on the sweet spot. The fielder never got leather on it. I think he hit a yakker. The throw to second was bang bang but the batter got two ribbies".

Again, the english version of this baseball lingo is, "The number four hitter hit one really hard off the fence of the rather small ball park. He hit the ball with the good part of the bat. The fielder never got his glove on it. I think the batter hit a curve ball. The throw to second was very close but the batter drove in two runs."

Baseball lingo is so much fun. I mean, what other sport has words like "can of corn", "chin music", "gopher ball" and "twin killing"?

Anyone know what the "Mendoza line" is?

Here's a list of baseball lingo that most baseball fans and players recognize. I'm sure there are more.

Ace: The best starting pitcher on the team.

Alley: The part of the outfield between the fielders.

Around The Horn:A third base to second base to first base double play.

Back Door Slider: A slider that starts outside and breaks back over the plate.

Baltimore Chop:A ground ball that hits in front of home plate, or off of it and takes a large hop over the infielder's head.

Band Box:A smaller ball park that hitters love.

Bang Bang Play: A really close play where the runner is either safe or out by just a little bit.

Basket Catch: When the fielder catches the ball with his open glove up around his waist, like Willie Mays did.

Bronx Cheer: A sarcastic cheer from the crowd for a player who isn't doing well.

Brush Back Pitch: A pitch that almost hits a batter. It "moves him" back from the plate.

Bump: The pitcher's mound.

Can Of Corn: A fly ball that is easily caught.

Caught Looking: When the batter takes a called strike three.

Cheese:A great fastball.

Chin Music: A high and inside fastball.

Circus Catch: A great acrobatic catch.

Closer: The pitcher who gets called in to finish or save the game.

Cutter: A fastball with late movement. Usually breaks in on a hitter.

Cycle: When a batter hits a single, double, triple and homerun in the same game.

Dinger: A home run.

Dish: Home plate.

Fireman: Usually the team's closer. Brought in to save the game and "put the fire out".

Frozen Rope: A line drive that is hit extremely hard.

Fungo: A bat that is longer and thinner than a normal bat. Used to hit infield practice.

Gopher Ball: A pitch that is hit for a home run.

Hanger: A curve ball that doesn't break much.

Heat: A good fastball.

High and Tight: A fast ball that's up and in.

Hot Corner: Third Base.

In The Hole: The batter after the on deck hitter.

Meat Ball: A pitch that is right down the middle.

Mendoza Line: Batting average of near .200. Named for Mario Mendoza who had a lifetime batting average of .215.

Nail Down: When the closer saves a game.

On The Screws: When a batter hits the ball just perfect.

Painting The Black: The pitch is right on the edge of the strike zone.

Pea: Either a very hard fastball or a ball that is crushed by the hitter.

Pickle: When a base runner gets into a run down.

Rhubarb: A fight between the two teams.

Ribbie: A run batted in.

Rubber Game: The deciding game of a series.

Seeing Eye Hit: A ball that just barely is out of the fielder's reach.

Setting The Table: The batter that gets on in front of the team's big hitters.

Tape Measure: A long home run.

Tater: A home run.

Texas Leaguer: A bloop hit that falls in front of the outfielders.

Tools Of Ignorance: Catcher's gear.

Touch Em All: Home run.

Twin Killing: A double play.

Uncle Charlie: A good curve ball.

Utility Player: A player who can fill in at almost any position.

Wheel House: A pitch exactly where the batter likes it.

Baseball lingo has been around since the game began. I'm sure you can think of a few that I forgot.

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