The Braves were originally members of the National Association and were known as the Red Stockings.

In 1883, the club's name was changed to the Boston Bean Eaters for two reasons. To identify them more with Boston and to avoid confusion with the Cincinnati Reds of the American Association.

The Dovey brothers bought the team in 1907 and changed the name to the Doves. They were named the Rustlers for a short time and also the Bees. Then in 1912, they became the Braves.

They are the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in America.

The club has played their home games at five different locations.

South End Grounds: 1871-1914

Braves Field: 1915-1952

Milwaukee County Stadium: 1953-1965

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium: 1966-1996

Turner Field: 1997-present.

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