Carl Yastrzemski Baseball

This Legends Hand Painted Carl Yastrzemski baseball shows two paintings of Yaz.

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 Side one shows Yaz up close.

 Side two is the classic swing that produced 452 home runs, 3,419 hits and 1,844 runs batted in during his 23 year career.

 Side three lists some of Carl Yastrzemski's lifetime stats.

 Side four has a painted Red Sox baseball with Yaz's 1967 Triple Crown season.

 Side Five, which is the bottom of the baseball, has a hand painted "YAZ".

 And side six has my signature and the date this Legends Hand Painted Baseball was completed. Also, you will see "1 of 1" on this side. This means that this is number one of only one created. I'll never create another Yaz baseball like this one.



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