Collecting Hand Painted baseballs of famous baseball players is quickly becoming a favorite among baseball memorabilia collectors.

Part of the reason is because they are still rare. There aren't many of us creating painted baseballs. You can find baseball memorabilia scattered all over the internet, but quality, hand painted baseballs are few and far between.

There are other benefits to owning a hand painted baseball. Each one created is an original, one of a kind piece of artwork. You can buy a Hank Aaron rookie card and have a nice article of baseball memorabilia. But you won't have the only one of it's kind. Even if you had the money to buy a Honus Wagner baseball card, there would still be another couple out there like it.

But if you invest in a Hank Aaron ball, you would have the only one ever created by that artist. No one else would have the same piece of baseball memorabilia that you do.

Plus the fact that it's a baseball! You can hold it in your hand and look at all the painted sides. I'm sure you know some people that collect baseball cards or other memorabilia. But how many do you know that own an original, hand painted Roberto Clemente baseball?

The value of your hand painted baseball will never go down. I have seen my own baseballs go up in value, simply because they are one of a kind. Add to the fact that they take so long to create and you have a collectible that's much better than a baseball card.

When I started painting on baseballs, I never thought the demand for them would be so great. I am always working on baseballs. I have a back log of them. I hate the fact that I have to make my customers wait, but it takes time to get them just right. And, you know the old saying,"Good things come to those who wait."

Please compare my hand painted baseballs with others you find. When comparing, look at the likeness of the player. Does it resemble him or look just like him? Compare how much color is used on each baseball. And of course compare the price.

My hand painted baseballs are also great if you are an autograph collector. I have been privileged to present some of my Legends Hand Painted Baseballs to some famous baseball players. I'll never forget the day I gave my Bob Feller baseball to Rapid Robert himself. He loved it. It was definitely something he had never received before. A real keepsake item for him. It was much better than giving him an old baseball card. Mr. Feller told me that he was going to put it in his Bob Feller Museum.

I've also had the opportunity to share my baseball art with Chase Utley, Brad Lidge and Greg Luzinski and many others.

So, the next time you are looking for some baseball memorabilia to invest in, I hope you'll consider one of my hand painted baseballs.

I strive for the best in two things. My artwork and customer service. I take great pride in how I do business and make the extra effort to take care of the people that make my business possible. You.

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