The Dodgers began their colorful history in 1890 by winning their very first championship. But at that time, they were called the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

The name came from the fact that seven of the Brooklyn players had recently got married.

In the 1890's, they were also called Ward's Wonders, Foutz's Fillies and Hanlon's Superbas.

By 1900, the name "Trolley Dodgers" was hung on the club. This was because of the maze of trolley cars that traveled throughout Brooklyn. The name was later shortened to the Dodgers.

The club has played in nine stadiums over the years.

Capitoline Skating Lake and Base-Ball Ground: 1862-1878

Washington Park: 1879-1890

Ridgewood Park: 1886-1889

Eastern Park: 1891-1897

New Washington Park: 1898-1912

Ebbets Field: 1913-1957

Roosevelt Stadium: 7 games in 1956 and 7 games in 1957

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: 1958-1961

Dodger Stadium: 1962-present

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