Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping. Are you looking for a quality product to sell on your website? Please consider my Great American Baseballs.

If you have a baseball or sports related website and are looking for products to offer your customers, this might be just what you are looking for.

You can offer any of my products. Painted Baseballs and Painted Footballs. Painted Mini Home Plates. Also my original Original Baseball Art.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Basically the way it works is this. You offer any of my products on your website. I give you my discounted drop shipping price. When you receive an order, email the order to me. I'll ship the order directly to your customer.

 Here's an example. Let's say you are offering my hand painted baseballs on your website. I will give you a discounted price that is less than I charge on my website. You set the price for the ball on your website. Maybe you will decide to charge $25.00 more than the discount price I give you.

One of your visitors orders a hand painted Yogi Berra baseball. You email the order to me. I'll create the one of a kind painted baseball and ship it directly to your customer. You pay me the discounted price for the baseball, plus shipping and you keep the rest.

Maybe you will decide to offer my original baseball art. Again, I'll give you a discounted price. You set the price at whatever you like on your website. When someone orders one of my original drawings, you email the order to me. Pay the discount price and shipping and you keep the difference. I'll ship the original art directly to your customer.

This gives you a great way to offer your visitors a high quality product without keeping any inventory yourself.

If you are interested contact me for more information.




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