Got Started

I just wanted to tell you how I got started in the business of painting famous baseball players onto baseballs.

First, let me say that I've been a baseball fan for as long as I can remember. I have been playing baseball most of my life, too.

MLB history has always been one of my biggest interests. From baseball facts, to baseball stats and everything else related to the game.

I also realized at a young age that I had been given some artistic talent. So it was just common sense that I put art and baseball together.

Drawing famous baseball players is still what I enjoy doing more than anything. Except playing, that is.

Pencil was always my favorite medium and I have sold many of my baseball player drawings over the years.

One day I had the idea to draw famous baseball players right onto a baseball. I had seen "photo" baseballs. You know, a baseball with a player's photograph pasted on it. But I had never seen the actual artwork done right on a baseball.

So, it was to the internet to see if anyone else was doing this.

I found a few people who were doing artwork on baseballs. Some good, some not so good. Some expensive and some not so expensive.

By now I was actually working on some painted baseballs. But I was having a lot of problems. It seems it's more difficult to work on a round surface than a flat surface. Plus, the paint I was using just didn't work on the baseball. It just "puddled".

That's when I came across Monty Sheldon's website. It turns out that Monty has been painting on baseballs for years and is very good at it.

I emailed Monty and asked him some questions about how he goes about painting his baseballs. He was very helpful to say the least. I took his advice and started to have success with my painted baseballs. Thanks Monty!

Each one I finished was better than the previous one. I also discovered how much time it takes! Yikes, longer than I expected. Ten to fifteen hours of work goes into each one of my Great American Baseballs.

But, I found out that I love doing this.

My list of famous baseball players that I have painted was growing steadily. Then something pretty cool happened. They started to sell! Now I really loved doing this.

This business takes up most of my free time, but as I said, I love it. But still there was the time factor.

Then I had another idea. Famous baseball players paintings on home plates. I found someone who could supply me with mini home plates, so I decided to give them a try. The results were great. Plus, the surface is flat and unlike the baseballs, the home plates only have one side to paint.

Now, I have all kinds of plans for my painted baseballs and mini home plates. From baseball stadiums to broadcasters to team baseballs.

So, that's where my business stands right now. I'm going to continue to draw and paint. So check back often to see what's new. Who knows, some day I might even do some painted footballs.


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