Hideki Matsui Swing

The Hideki Matsui swing is a powerful, whip-like swing.

This left handed hitter keeps his weight back as well as anyone through the swing. He sometimes appears to be "falling away" from home plate as he swings, like a few other Japanese hitter do.

His front toe is closed when it hits the ground in his stride, which keeps his hips closed and cocked. Then his hips whip the bat through the strike zone.

Hideki has great arm extension and plate coverage which allows him to hit pitches inside and outside.

Hideki Matsui has only hit 30 or more home runs once in his seven seasons with the New York Yankees, so we can't call him a typical power hitter. But his lifetime Major League batting average is .292 which is because of his sound mechanics at the plate.

He has a still, level head through his swing and holds the bat with a loose grip which allows him to react quicker than a tight grip does.

Hideki Matsui just won the 2009 World Series Most Valuable Player Award with three home runs, eight hits, eight runs batted in and a .615 batting average.

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