Honus Wagner Baseball 2

This Great American Honus Wagner Baseball features my two original paintings of the Flying Dutchman. A certificate of authenticity comes with your baseball so that you know it's an original Great American Baseball.

This Baseball Has Been Sold

 Side one is my close up painting of Honus Wagner. Click here for a closer look.

 Side two is my painting of Honus and his powerful swing.

 Side three shows some of Honus Wagner's important stats and awards including the year he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, 1936.

 Side four has my hand painted Pittsburgh Pirates logo from the days when Honus played.

 Side five, which is the top of the baseball, has Honus Wagner's hand painted name.

 Side six, which is the bottom of the baseball, has my signature along with the date that this Great American Baseball was completed and trimmed with gold. Also you will see "1 of 1". This means that this is number one of only one created. This is a one of a kind piece of art. There will never be another exactly like it.



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