The New York Mets were supposed to be a member of a third major league in 1961. Attorney William Shea announced the formation of the Continental League. The idea quickly fizzled and the New York club was awarded a spot in the National league.

The owner of the New York club, Joan Payson, said that the name had to meet certain criteria.

She decided on the Mets which is a shortened version of the team's real name, the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club. Other names considered were the Rebels, Skyliners, NYBs, Burros (for the five boroughs), Continentals, Avengers, as well as Jets and Islanders.

The Mets have had only three home stadiums.

The Polo Grounds: 1962-1963

Shea Stadium: 1964-2008

Citi Field: 2009-present

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