Muhammad Ali Bat

This Legends Muhammad Ali Level 2 Bat features my original paintings of the greatest boxer of all time!

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 The front of the bat has my hand painted portrait of Muhammad Ali. Click here for a closer look.


Below Ali's portrait is my hand painted "The Greatest". Also the heavyweight championship belt with Muhammad Ali's name.

 My hand painted gold crown with red, blue and emerald jewels surrounds the top of the bat.

 The back of the bat.

 On the back of the bat are my hand painted, Everlast boxing gloves. Click here for a closer look.

 Also on the back is my signature and the date this bat was competed. You will also see 1 of 1. This means that this is a one of a kind piece of artwork.

 The top of the bat has my painted "Clay".

 The knob has my painted "Ali".

The background and handle of the bat has been left natural wood. This is a genuine, full sized, 34 inch, Rawlings wooden baseball bat. 25-30 hours of work go into each of my hand painted bats.

<------------34 Inches---------------->



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