Multiple Cy Young Awards

There have been 17 Major League pitchers that have won the Cy Young Award multiple times.

The Cy Young Award originated in 1956 to honor former pitching great Cy Young who died in 1955.

Don Newcombe won the first Cy Young Award.

The award was given to the single best pitcher in the Major Leagues until 1967 when it was given to one pitcher from the National League and one from the American League.

Roger Clemens has won the most Cy Young Awards with 7. The Dodgers have won the most as a team with 11.

Cy Young Baseball 1- Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Steve Carlton

Cy Young Baseball 2- Greg Maddux, Sandy Koufax, Pedro Martinez

Cy Young Baseball 3-Jim Palmer, Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson

Cy Young Baseball 4-Tom Glavine, Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum

Cy Young Baseball 5-Denny McLain, Gaylord Perry, Bret Saberhagen

Cy Young Baseball 6-Johan Santana, Clayton Kershaw

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