Superbowl 50 Football

This Legends Superbowl 50 Full Sized Football features my original paintings and painted with Broncos colors.

I painted this football for Ernie and Sharon Blake. They are the owners of the Denver Broncos mascot stallion "Thunder".


 The center of side one has my painting of Sharon and Ernie Blake with Thunder.  Click here for a closer look.

 The left side has my painting of the Denver Broncos logo.

  The right side has my painted NFL logo.

 The center of side two has my hand painted Superbowl 50 logo along with the date the game was played.

  The left side has Sharon and Ernie Blake's names. Also my initials and the date this football was completed.

  The right side has the score of the game.

 The laces of the football are painted with Broncos colors.


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