The Yankees began in 1903 when Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the defunct Baltimore club of the American League for $18,000. They moved their team to Manhattan, New York and called them the Highlanders because they played at the highest spot in New York. They were also named after the famous British military unit The Gordon Highlanders.

Hill Top Park was quickly built for the team to play their home games.

On April 11, 1912, the Highlanders added pinstripes to their uniforms and of course still have them.

Many sports writers of the time referred to the club as the New York Americans because they were in the American League. As early as 1904, some newspapers referred to the team as the Yankees just because it fit into the head lines better.

In April of 1913, the club is officially named the Yankees and moved into the Polo Grounds which is also the home of New York Giants baseball.

Hilltop Park: 1903-1912

Polo Grounds: 1913-1922

Yankee Stadium: 1923-1973

Shea Stadium: 1973-1974

Yankee Stadium(Renovated): 1976-2009

New Yankee Stadium: 2009-present

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