My Baseball Treasures are reproduction replicas featuring my original artwork.

$34.95 Each



Football Treasures

Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl 52 Football

Scroll down to see what's available so far.

How many times have we all agonized about the perfect gift for that special person that seems to have everything? Whether it's for Mother's or Father's Day, Graduation, Wedding, Valentines Day New Baby, Christmas, Birthday or any other occasion.

If you are looking for that truly unique gift, you've come to the right place!

I paint the artwork for one baseball, football, basketball, etc. and then have them reproduced.

Each baseball, football, basketball, etc. will feature my original artwork. These balls have a nice, glossy finish. They're beautiful!

And some can be personalized. Choose a Father's Day, Pet Memorial, Coaches ball, etc. and personalize it with names and dates.

There will be many baseball related Baseball Treasures also. Also, full size and "Mini" Football Treasures, Basketball Treasures and Hockey Pucks as I get time to finish them.

I'd love to hear your suggestions for more Baseball Treasures

So the next time you need a wedding or bridal shower gift, a Dog Lover gift, an anniversary gift, a baby gift...personalized, Christmas gift or a gift for any special occasion, for that special person, or just want to collect them yourself, please consider a Baseball Treasure.

Each Baseball Treasure is very affordable at $34.95, compared to $275.00 for my one of a kind hand painted baseballs. Shipping for your baseball is FREE anywhere in the Continental United States. $15.00 for International Shipping. (Including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico).

Your Baseball Treasures will be shipped to you directly from the company that reproduces them. This is done so that I can offer you free shipping.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Scroll down to see my Football Treasures

Team Championships. Little League, Men's Senior Baseball League, Softball League, etc.

  Your teams logo, team name, year and all your player's names on the ball. Makes a great keepsake for coaches, players and parents!

Click here for details and a few examples.

Baseball Themed

Who's On First Baseball...$34.95

Babe Ruth Baseball...$34.95

Ted Williams Baseball...$34.95

Willie Stargell Baseball...$34.95

Ebbets Field Baseball...$34.95

Carlton Fisk/1975 World Series Baseball...$34.95

Bobby Thompson, Shot Heard 'Round The World Baseball...$34.95

Houston Astros 2017 World Series Baseball...$34.95

The Natural Baseball...$34.95

Lou Gehrig Baseball...$34.95

Roberto Clemente Baseball...$34.95

Mike Schmidt Baseball...$34.95

John Kruk Baseball...$34.95

Willie, Mickey and The Duke...$34.95

Mickey Mantle Baseball...$34.95


Chuck Connors Baseball...$34.95

John Wayne Baseball...$34.95

Elvis Presley Baseball...$34.95

Marilyn Monroe Baseball...$34.95

Dog Lover Gifts, Personalized!

Black Lab Baseball, Personalized!...$34.95

Yellow Lab Baseball, Personalized!...$34.95

German Shepherd Baseball, Personalized!...$34.95

Special Occasions

Anniversary Gift Baseball...Personalized!...$34.95

Wedding Gift Baseball...Personalized!...$34.95

Best Man Gift Baseball...Personalized!...$34.95

Groomsman Gift Baseball...Personalized!...$34.95

Ring Bearer Gift Baseball...Personalized!...$34.95

Mother's Day Gift From A Son To His Mom ...Personalized!...$34.95

Mother's Day Gift From A Daughter To Her Mom ...Personalized!...$34.95

Father's Day Gift From A Daughter To Her Dad ...Personalized!...$34.95

Father's Day Gift From A Son To His Dad ...Personalized!...$34.95

It's A Boy! Baseball...Personalized!...$34.95

It's A Girl! Baseball...Personalized!...$34.95

Graduation Gift For A Boy...Personalized!...$34.95

Graduation Gift For A Girl...Personalized!...$34.95


America Baseball...$34.95


Breast Cancer Baseball...$34.95

Golf Baseball...$34.95

More Baseball Treasures Coming Soon!

Add A Display Case For Only $5.00.

Football Treasures

Eagles Superbowl 52 Full Sized Football...$75.00

Eagles Superbowl 52 10 Inch Mini Football...$55.00

Immaculate Reception Full Sized Football...$75.00

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