Emmaus Athletics Baseball

This Baseball Treasures "2018 MSBL Championship" Baseball features my original paintings.

 Side one has my hand painted Lehigh Valley Men's Senior Baseball League Logo.  Click here for a closer look.

 Side two has my hand painted Emmaus A's logo.  Click here for a closer look

  Sides three and four show the names of all the players on the roster.  Click here for a closer look

 Side five, which is the top of the baseball, has "EMMAUS ATHLETICS"  Click here for a closer look

Side six, the bottom of the baseball, has the Championship Year, 2018.

Each Baseball Treasure has a beautiful, shiny finish and is safe to handle.

$75.00 Each


Contact Me To Purchase A Similar Baseball.

Please Allow 3-4 Weeks For Delivery

Your Baseball Treasure will be shipped to you directly from the company that reproduces them for me. This is done so I can offer you Free Shipping.

Shipping is FREE within the Continental United States And Puerto Rico.

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